Vin Santo del Chianti DOC
Vin Santo del Chianti DOC | Azienda Agricola Poggio Salvi

CLASS: Vin Santo del Chianti DOC

TYPE: Bianco Passito

YEAR: 2003

125 g/l zucchero

Format: 0,375 l

Region/Area: Toscana, Sovicille (SI)

Grapes: 60% Trebbiano, 40% Malvasia del Chianti

The soil: tendentially clayey, rich of iron, which can be recognized from the typical red colour of the earth, mixed with large tuffaceous areas, with fossil and coal residues

Location of the vineyards: Località Poggio Salvi, Municipality of Sovicille, on a slope facing south/ south-west, which gradually descends from 300 to 250 metres above sea level.

Production notes: the type of cultivation is the “guyot”, with 2.5 x 0.70 m planting density, and maximum grape production per hectare of 7000 kg

Harvesting: Picking of the grapes takes place manually at the end of the harvesting season, usually towards mid-October. The grapes are selected carefully, choosing the most straggly and healthier clusters which are hung on hooks fastened to the ceiling beside one another, in well ventilated rooms, for drying.

Wine-making: after two months left drying, the grapes are pressed and the dense and extremely sweet must, is placed inside 225-litre durmast “caratelli” (barrels) located under the cellar’s roof.

Aging: the Vin Santo remains inside the “caratelli” for approx. 4 years, subject to all temperature changes (hot/ cold), as per the Tuscan tradition. During this long period, the Vin Santo ferments various times and oxides slowly, becoming of a yellow-gold colour and it acquires the aroma of the yeasts that deposited on the caratello's bottom during the years (the mother). Aging is completed inside glass demijohns for a few months, and then inside bottles.

At the eye: shiny golden colour

At the nose: Intense and complex scents of almond and orange, developed during the long aging period

At the mouth: excellent body, velvety, harmonious, moderately sweet

At the table: the vin santo is a sweet wine for desserts, ideal to accompany dry sweets typical of Tuscany (cantuccini) and strong flavoured cheeses like gorgonzola.

To serve:: at 8/10° C.

Vin Santo del Chianti DOC