Campo del Bosco IGT Toscana
Campo del Bosco IGT Toscana | Azienda Agricola Poggio Salvi

CLASS: Campo del Bosco IGT Toscana

TYPE: Rosso fermo

YEAR: 2007


Format: 0,750 l

Region/Area: Toscana, Sovicille

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello)

The soil: tendentially clayey, rich of iron, which can be recognized from the typical red colour of the earth, mixed with large tuffaceous areas, with fossil and coal residues

Location of the vineyards: Località Poggio Salvi, Municipality of Sovicille, on a slope facing south/ south-west, which gradually descends from 300 to 250 metres above sea level.

Production notes: the type of cultivation is the “spurred cordon”, with 2.5 x 0.70 m planting density, and maximum grape production per hectare of 6000 kg

Harvesting: Picking of the grapes takes place manually during the first half of October, with the selection of the best vineyard’s clusters, one third of which are dried.

Wine-making: soft pressing of the grapes, followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature around 28-30 °C. The maceration times of the grape skins are fairly long, in order to allow a proper extraction of the colour and matter. After a first devatting phase, the ''governo'' is added (sort of must made with specifically selected dried grapes), to give colour, body and texture. An additional fermentation phase follows, in which the ''governo'' is retained, until the beginning of spring, when the devatting phase begins.

Aging: the wine obtained is aged in durmast barriques and tonneaux imported directly from France, where it remains for approx. 12/14 months; aging is completed inside the bottle, for a period of six months prior to being sold.

At the eye: Intense ruby red colour that slightly fades with aging.

At the nose: Intense scent with wild berry, bread crust, vanilla fragrances.

At the mouth: it is a soft bodied and velvety wine, that reaches its ‘’utmost expression’’ during the years.

At the table: it is ideal to accompany meat dishes, game, Parmesan cheese or aged Pecorino cheese.

To serve:: at 18° C. For perfect tasting, uncork and pour out a bit of wine, at least 1 hour prior to serve it, or oxygenate it in a suitable decanter

Campo del Bosco IGT Toscana